Snow Removal Services FAQs
What areas do you give service?
We cover the 7-8 mile radius from downtown Boston.
Do you have insurance?
Yes, we have general liability and workers comp insurance.
Do you accept check?
We prefer digital payment methods. If you want to write a check you can consider a quickbooks invoice where you can input the routing and account numbers.
What payment methods do you accept?
Paypal, Venmo, Credit Card, Zelle, or other digital payment methods.
What separates you from your competition?
Communication quality, reliability, efficiency and satisfaction.
What month to what month is your coverage period for snow removal?
Typically, December thru March. However, in rare cases, we cover November and April, as well. But this is not common.
What plans do you have for snow removal?
  • Per snowstorm (pay only when it snows)
  • Monthly or Season Unlimited (Fixed monthly rate, unlimited visits over 2 inches of snow)
  • Hybrid (pay a lower monthly fee than unlimited and get a discount when it snows)
Do you use plows?
We prefer to shovel or snowblow and use plows only when absolutely necessary. This reduces damage and liability.
How soon do you provide service to an address after the snow stops?
3-4 hrs after snow stops
Do you visit an address more than once if there is lots of snow?
If we anticipate six or more inches of snow, then yes, we visit more than one time until the snow stops and all the snow is gone
Do you do narrow driveways?
Yes! We actually specialize in narrow driveways plows can't get to.
Do you do de-icing service?
Yes, for sure!
What type of salt do you use?
Depending on the weather conditions, we may use a mix of sodium magnesium and calcium chloride salts.
How soon do I need to sign a contract and make payment?
The sooner the better because our routes fill up quickly and definitely fill up by November.
How many inches of snow must accumulate on the ground before you visit?
It depends on the customer but most customers ask for a visit if three or more inches accumulates. Others ask for a visit for any inch of snow (i.e. 0.5 - 1 inch)
What are the Boston rules and regulations on snow removal and how do I avoid a fine?
Please refer to Boston official government website. In general, no snow or ice can be on a sidewalk and the width should be 2-3 ft wide and should be cleared within 24 hrs or less. They usually fine after this. If you get a fine/ticket and you are being serviced by us we pay it
Do you do steps and sidewalks?
Yes, this is our specialty.
Do you do lockboxes for locked gates or garage doors to access inside parking lots?
Unfortunately, we don't do lockboxes at the moment.
Do you offer a deal if I work with my neighbor(s) ?
It is a case by case basis and can be discussed. Usually there is a better rate because of proximity.
What days and hours do you work?
We work all days and all hours of the week. 24/7
What is the best way to reach you?
SMS message is the best way.
If I am unhappy with the quality and thoroughness of a job after a worker/crew visits, what do I do?
Text us a picture(s) of the area you are unhappy with and your address along with it. We will send someone to fix the problem ASAP.